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ellyB Fashion Friday: Black Friday Deal!

Happy Black Friday readers! Hope you are all enjoying this massive shopping day, whether you’re braving the shopping malls or have your feet propped up while shopping online (the route I’ve chose today), we do hope that you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Here at ellyB we have our own Black Friday deal for you from our friends at the Wedding Hanger Shop. They have gorgeous personalized hangers for your wedding dress as well as hangers for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and yes even your groom! These personalized hangers are the perfect detail to make that photo of your wedding gown stand out even more.

Check out the deals they have right now at:


Mason Jar Cookie Mix Wedding Favors

The best wedding favors are almost always the edible ones. And they’re usually something your guests can eat right away, but who wants that when you’ve already been stuffed with an amazing dinner, wedding cake and fabulous dessert bar?! Enter mason jar cookie mixes! The Mason Jar Cookie Company makes these amazing mixes that are completely customizable that you can order in either 4, 8 or 26 oz jars. You start by choosing the base cookie type: traditional, chocolate, oatmeal or peanut butter; and then choose your add-in from over 30 options, from dark chocolate chips to jelly beans. M&M’s are a popular choice for an add-in as you can get them in your wedding colors to coordinate with your wedding. The Mason Jar Cookie Company also allows you to customize the mason jars by adding a custom jar lid label, custom theme the label and also add ribbon in your wedding colors. These lil’ cookie mix mason jars are just too cute!



Custom Wedding Cake Plates by Paloma’s Nest

I am so excited for my good friend Caroline over at Paloma’s Nest.  This girl is always thinking outside of the box and keeping her brand alive with clever knew products and heirlooms!

The other night I checked with her to see if she had any thoughts of doing custom cake plates to adorn the cake table, hey you already have custom flutes, and an heirloom cake server, the only thing that is usually generic on the table are the plates!  Of course Caroline was already light speeds ahead of me and the cake plate was already in production.  Take a look at the gorgeous plates that were released today!

The plates are not only perfect for your big day but worth breaking out for any important function or just dinner for two!

Thanks for the heads up on another fabulous item Caroline! Check them out now on Paloma’s Nest.


Fantastic Finds: Mailbox Wishes

For the past few years we have seen many unique ways for your guests to leave you love notes and word of advice on your big day. Anything from wish trees, wish bowls to typewritten notes have all made an appearance on the guestbook table. I saw this picture tonight on Pinterest and thought how AWESOME would it be to have these mini mailboxes instead with a stack of note cards ready to be sealed and sent to your new home. It would be so sweet to open the notes as you return from your honeymoon.


Of course it would need to be complete with your new initials!

Original source: Anderson Family Crew

Family Photos in Glass Bottles

Clients are often looking for ways to display their family wedding portraits or family members that have passed on creatively and uniquely. I just love this pin from my pinterest page! Someone listed their crafty DIY project that included vintage bottles that they cleverly also placed their family photos in them. Just perfect!  At the end of the evening you can gift the family member or relatives of your choosing so they can display in their home and as a little keepsake from your big day.


Source: From

Masking “More Than Just” Tape

Can you believe all the wall and floor designs are made out of masking tape? It’s incredible how tape can be used to decorate anything.

Japanese masking tape adds a stylish look to paper, glass, party favors, you name it! Pinterest had tons of photos that showed the variety of usages for masking tape. You can purchase this fabulous tape on Uncommon Goods, Esty, and Cute Tape.

The beauty of this product is that it doesn’t leave a stain after peeling it off and it comes in a variety of colors and designs. Check out MT, the manufacturer of the tape, and grab more fantastic design ideas from their gallery.


Unique Save the Dates: Confetti Invites

How much fun (and messy) would it be for your guests to get one of these in the mail?

confetti wedding save the dates

Save the dates

The point of your save the dates and all of the other elements to your wedding or event is to get the attendees excited. You want them to know that you are going to personalize the event and not only are they coming to your event, but they are coming to celebrate who you guys are as a couple.

Find the DIY instructions on Oh Happy Day

Fabulous Finds: Beer Bottle Labels

I am not a beer drinker but with these lovely labels, I would be very tempted to try one. As we know it is all about personalization and this visual is a great way to wow the crowd with your creativity and imagination. This DIY was spotted on Sunlight Nights and it was too cute not to share.

I love to order all of my labels from Bottle Your Brand.  Their service is prompt and they take it to the next level. So if you are not the DIY type, head over to their site for more awesomeness. Their blog is pretty cool too.


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