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ellyB Tips: Slipper Baskets at Weddings

slipper1.jpg image by kitkim

It’s great when couples decide to do this added touch for their guests. Of course we can say it is the ladies responsibility to wear comfortable shoes, but chances are they want to show up looking their best for a day you took forever planning.  Who does not want a good looking crowd?

Having a slipper basket is a little gesture to show your guests that you are glad they came looking all spiffy but you now would like them to kick back and relax. The cost of the slipper basket is very inexpensive. Here are some reasons why you would want to have a slipper basket at your next event:

  • You can further customize your details with a sweet message complete with your branding included
  • Guests will remember that your wedding day was not all about YOU
  • A packed dance floor all night!
  • Slippers serve as a keepsake for the ones that wear them

Here are some ideas on how to create the perfect slipper basket:

  • Buy a plain wicker basket for about four bucks and spray paint it the color of your wedding
  • Purchase the mesh wine bags (perfect size for slippers) at your local dollar store
  • DIY the tags with your message and monogram
  • Purchase the slipper online at a wholesaler or a local craft store.  They are usually a dollar as well

This little project can go a long way!

Fluffy Poms

Next spring one of my clients will be getting married at a beautiful southern garden affectionately called Barnsley Gardens. They have these huge massive tress that would be perfect for pomanders to add a splash of color to the greenery. But then I remembered a fun wedding fashion statement a la Martha Stewart – Poms!

Although very easy to DIY it is much easier to just purchase them on site such as Etsy since the pricing is feasible. We ordered HUGE hot pink poms for my Pink Rocks bride (this is the name that I actually call her! You will have to stop by in May to see why). Here are other poms that Etsy seller Annemusingdesigns:

Here is my favorite flower of all time the peony as a paper napkin ring

I am in love with these feather Wishie Kissing Balls! How cute would these be with a pair of angel wings?

Who needs to DIY pompoms?

Sometimes DIY is not the answer. Yes there are many easy projects that can be done quickly and with love on a date night but pom poms or partypoms as one Etsy seller calls them, are not one of them. Some DIY projects can be costly and not that easy as it appears to be. For example, many items can be brought wholesale and not easily available to the public. Other suppliers can require you to buy in bulk. Also the patience and paper cuts that can be obtained from taking on one of these so called DIY projects can be more costly in pain than its worth.

Check out these loves from Party Poms

The Evolution of Drink Stirrers

Remember these little stirrers that also served as favors WAY back in the days? I swear my mother may have over 50 of them from all the weddings she attended in the past. They actually left the scene for several years.
Source: Charming Weddings
Source: Favorsetc
But they are back and with a vengence! These little beauties did not only come back with different variations but with tons of style and personality.

Source: Project Wedding

Source: The Knot

Source: Whoa Wedding

Source: Hostess Blog

Source: Sixpence Events

Did you remember the cupcake flags?

Cupcake Flags are the little details we love right now. The best part about this little accent is that you can do them in various colors and shapes and can even add little details to them rather it be a little bling or ribbons.

Here is food for thought. If you are not ready to jump the cake ship and only use cupcakes at your next event, think about using them as only favors or even as placecards. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these little gems.

Source: Note Polish

Source: Martha Stewart

Source: It’s a Date Design

Source: Charming Event

Source: Point Click Home

Source: The Blueberry Patch

Source: Seven Cupcakes

Signature Quilt

An alternative to the sign in frames and wish bowls at your event can be a sign in quilt. These custom quilts can be in your color of choice using as many pictures as possible. You can use an array of pictures from your engagement shoot, or make it more sentimental by using pictures from birth through your courting phase!

Source: Tyb Inc.