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Decor Ideas: Wedding Succulents

A couple of years ago whenever you mentioned to a bride to have green in her florals you would see an instant cringe.  We were so used to the photos of the 80’s where there was more greenery then actual flowers.  Some florists over killed centerpieces and bouquets with enough greenery to start a mini garden. 

Thankfully now greenery is acceptable.  I believe a lot of that has to do with the choice of flowers now being used.  A carefully placed banana leaf or the use of succulents have proven that not only are they beautiful, but they add a bit of texture with lovely design. Take  a look at the following pictures and let your imagination run wild with how these designs carefully used succulents to achieve an amazing look.

succulent bouquet

succulent centerpiece

Source: Wedding Bee


Source: In the Bloom Event Design

Succulent Wedding

Source: Style Me Pretty

Test Tube Centerpieces

I know this title may have scared you!  I love the clean lines look of the florals in test tubes.  It can add a unique approach and element at your next event. Think about using them in areas where you would like to implement minimal decor such as on hi-boys and bar areas of your cocktail hour.  Take it a step further and place an arrangement in your guest bathrooms.  It will show that you thought about every area of the venue and you made sure everything was cohesive.

Test Tube Vase

Source: Our House South County

Decor Idea: Hanging Frames

If you are having an outdoor wedding, there are so many wonderful things you can do just the mere environment around you.  For example hanging items on trees around you is a great way to introduce color and personalization. I just adore this picture of handing pictures. You can include pictures of you dating, your family throughout the years. If you want to step it up a notch, have a Polaroid camera around so guest can take their pictures, add a message to the bottom and insert them in the frame.  It is a great way to keep them excited and entertained during your cocktail hour.

Photo Source: Celebrations at Home

What is your childhood favorite? Soda Pops

Time to get encouraged!  I encourage all of my readers to go ahead and make a list of their five favorite child hood items. Done? Now think of ways you can use one of the items at your next dinner party.  It does not have to be done in a large scale but I want you to think, if that item was special for you, how special it might be for your guests.  Maybe even as a fun ice breaker, send out  a short survey to your attendees asking them to list one item and have it set at their place setting.

We just love the way how soda pops can enhance an event.  Whether it is incorporating color, personality or flavor,  it is a great way to show your guests you went the extra mile and brought a unique element to the table.  We have seen them displayed during wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, the possibilities are endless.  Below are images of ways to add soda pops to your event.

Loving the way the pop was used as a float

Source: Eat Drink Chic

Love the idea of getting empty bottles and filling them with the treat of your choice. This could be candy, sea salt or even coffee beans


Source: Hapa Hale

Source: Rosie Monroe’s

Monogram vases in Hobby Lobby

This is my first attempt at blogging from my iPhone. Now if this works the blogging world will be in trouble since that means we will be blogging from any and everywhere.

Since it is pretty easy to take pics with my phone I kinda use it as a photo album for ideas and store finds. The other day while in Hobby Lobby I found these awesome vases that can be used everywhere. Whether in your home, birthday party or decor during your cocktail hour with your new last intial. This will show your guests that you have thought about all the little details.