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Vendor Spotlight: Blue Point Events

Elizabeth of ellyB Events had the pleasure of conduting an interview with Zhana Marcelin of Blue Point Events. We will be working with Zhana on an upcoming 2010 wedding and we cannot wait to see what this event designer comes up with. We highly recommend Zhana for event design as well as just florals in the New York area.

Was floristry something you always wanted to do?

No, but I always knew it will be something creative. Both my parents are artists, and I studied art, so it was a natural for me to do something that will be connected with creating a beautiful things. Being in the special events industry for past 6 years, it only confirmed my need and passion for floristry. I absolutely love what I do!

What do you love most about floral design?

I love meeting with brides, and listening to their ideas, looking at their personalities, discussing their wishes. For me, there is no better feeling that create a room with the starting point such as a little bit of linen, a dress, a theme, a color, or a feeling ….

What has been one of your all time favorite creations?

I would have to say (among the others), the winter wedding I have done couple of years ago. The room was white and icy blue, we used shine and sparkle, we did snow and snow balls, silver and white branches, crystal and glass, white silk linens on tables and floors and of course- a lots of candles. The last touch was snow balls “falling from the ceilings”, and an icy blue lights in the corners of the room, it was truly a production, but a stunning one.

If a flower were a couture gown what flower would it be?
That’s a tough one, because I see different ” couture gowns” with many flowers. I would probably be an orchid, or a magnolia three.

What makes Blue Point Events different from other Floral Design Companies?

I am working with every single bride from a very first meeting to the execution of the event, from the first idea, developing it, building it, to the actual event. I work at one wedding at the time. I do not sell flowers to others. I personally go to flower district to work with my vendors on choosing and ordering what I need for every single wedding regardless of a budget. Every bride is different, and I tend to listen to what they have to say and develop idea together with them, rather than have a pre set looks and try to sell them what doesn’t really fit their vision.

I also take pride in long lasting relationships with my brides. Integrity of my work is at most importance to me and my company, and love for design.

Thanks to Zhana for taking the time to share your inspiration.

Vendor Spotlight: Perfect Petals Atlanta

Last Friday my client and I had the opportunity to explore the offices of Perfect Petals Atlanta. Our tour guide and owner Christine, created several examples of centerpiece displays and options for us to pick and choose from. Some of their pieces I have never seen at any florist before. Christine and her staff strive to take things up a notch by designing pieces that are unique to clients’ personalities as well as style. We cannot wait until October comes to share with you all of the design elements for our Old Hollywood theme. Here are some pictures from Christine’s past clients and shows:

Custom linens for your cake table

I had the pleasure of meeting Tamara from Ido Linens this past weekend. I was so excited to learn of the custom cake table designs she is introducing to brides everywhere. Here is additional information on Tamara’s company:

How long has I Do Linens been in business?
I Do Linens was created 6 months ago, recently relocated here from Canada where I had a full wedding décor business and custom made wedding gowns

How did you come up with the idea for the tables matching the bridal gowns?
I was thinking about what brides love the most when it comes to their wedding besides the groom of course and her gown is the most important element and it sets the tone for the day. Then I was thinking that brides and grooms put a lot of thought and money into their wedding cake which is the centerpiece of the wedding reception. This table is sometimes overlooked although it is in a lot of photographs and is the center of attention. So why not showcase two important elements of the day, a brides gown and the cake, hence custom wedding cake tables was born.

What is the name of the product?
Custom Wedding Cake Tables

What is the price range for the product?
Rental starts at $75 and up

Purchase is available as well price depending on the design of the table. Basic would start at $100.

As a wedding gown these cake tables are also fitted with a crinoline so they will look just as good as the bride.

Is the product available for purchase now?
By order only .

How much lead time before a wedding do you need to see the gown to design the table?

I would need at least a months notice.

Anything else a bride might need to know to order this?

Table size etc.
Any of the rental tables are made to fit a 36″ round table. As these are custom made the options are endless, we are able to do monogramming, incorporating anything specific to the bride or family ie a pattern or symbol or if they would like to use a fabric from their mothers gown that is possible as well.

Brides can email or call me and we can discuss all of the options.

Is this nationwide service or just local?
We can certainly make these available for nationwide as well, would need 2 months lead time.

Vendor Spotlight: Shay’s Corner

Personalized gifts are a big hit with not only weddings, but many different life events and celebrations. I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner, Shayla Williams, of Shay’s Corner last August at a networking event. Shayla offers a variety of embroidery, sublimation, and heat transfer products for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for cute tote’s for your bridal party, a shoe bag, handkerchiefs, or a fingertip towel for your pastor/religious leader, your customized needs will be met.

She is still in the process of getting all her items on the website so if you don’t see something you’re looking for, be sure to send her an email or giver her a call!

Vendor Spotlight: Henna by Akiyo

Mehndi, the application of Henna, is a temporary skin design practice that dates back over 5,000 years ago in places like South Asia, Southwest Asia, and parts of Africa. Today, we see it practiced mostly within Indian culture during wedding celebrations, but it is truly for all to enjoy.

The intricate design patterns take a lot of skill and today, ellyB Events would like to give spotlight to Henna by Akiyo. Akiyo has over ten years of experience in textile design. Her client list includes HBO, Elle Girls Magazine, and Bloomingdales just to name a few. Her passion for mehndi is appearant in her work and here at ellyB, we love getting lost in the beauty of her creations.

Maternity Henna:

She even offers henna stationary, which we think is an awesome way of representing a persons’ culture. {Perfect for thank you cards!}

Venue Spotlight – City Grill Atlanta

This past summer one of my clients venues burned down. Not something anyone would like to deal with six months before their wedding day. However this tragedy has lead this couple to book an amazing venue. They were able to secure City Grill Atlanta, all to themselves for their big day. The space is equipped with a grand staircase and wonderful chandeliers throughout the space. Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet my client as well as Carla Duncan from On Occasions of Atlanta, to walk through the space in preparation for the upcoming nuptials. I have worked with Carla in the past and each time she never ceases to amaze me with new ideas with her event and floral design. I wish I had my camera to show you the true beauty of the space but for now the pictures on their site will have to do.

This room will be transformed to a warm and cozy bridal suite.

The couple will have their nuptials on the beautiful staircase pictured below.

Right after the nuptials the guest will enjoy their cocktail hour here.
Dinner will be set for their guests throughout the dinning room.

I am off to the Four Seasons here in Atlanta!!

You might remember when I told you a little while back that I had won a night at the Four Seasons here in Atlanta courtesy of the Atlantan Brides magazine. Well my friends, tonight is the night that I will enjoy my stay at this fabulous hotel. This will be the first night in many months that I will not touch my computer or blackberry and enjoy a peaceful night with my husband. In honor of spending a night in this amazing hotel, I had to share pics from previous weddings that have taken place at this venue:

Source: Four Seasons

Source: Eventscapes

Could you imagine at the end of your dream night staying in this fairy tale room?

Have a great weekend everyone.

Venue Spotlight – Callanwolde

On Friday I had the pleasure of taking my wonderful September bride venue shopping. I am excited to inform that she has picked the perfect venue – Callanwolde here in Atlanta. I learned on our site visit that this mansion once belonged too the elder Coca Cola son. What made this venue a perfect fit, is that the bride actually took dance and piano lessons there as a child. The venue is also the romantic and charming feel that she would like her 200 guests to feel.

We are so excited by the venue selection and look forward to the planning of this wonderful wedding.