Custom Details: Wedding Dress Hangers

We have all seen pictures from weddings where all you see in the dress picture is that plastic hanger that you get from the dry cleaners. Sometimes the dress stores even leave the paper body form in your dress.  There is nothing wrong with having any of the above in your dress but when you professional photographer arrives please swap it out and get yourself a picture worth hanger.

One of the latest trends in weddings is the use of personalized dress hangers. The possibilities are endless and can include a monogram hanger, some form of I Do verbiage, and some couples are taking it a step further and customizing the colors with their overall wedding color scheme.

CUSTOM maple wood hanger for wedding gown or coat- hand stamped with names or a phrase

Source: Paloma Nest

Bride's Personalized Wire Hanger

Source: Aressa

The Original Silver Lingerie, Wedding Dress Hanger

Source: Lila Frances

If you decide to go down the custom route, please make sure the hanger can hold your dress before the big day.  If the custom route is not for you, feel free to get a rich wooden hanger to dress up your wedding day attire.

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  1. This is so important for the pre ceremony photos!! I have had the last plastic hanger for any brides for mine! I carry an elegant white satin hanger to use just in case there is not a better option available when the photos begn. Thanks for sharing these great sources, Eliana!

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