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Custom Face Stamps

Custom / double face / handcarved rubber stamp

How cute would it be to have your face on a stamp? Think about including the print on your fun pieces such as Save the Dates or Thank You Notes. These adorable hand crafted wooden stamps is a great way to show your guests that you have paid attention to every little detail and show them how much fun they are about to have.

Remember you are supposed to be having fun and not overdoing it and stamping yourself everywhere.

Etsy seller: lilimandrill

Custom Details: Wedding Dress Hangers

We have all seen pictures from weddings where all you see in the dress picture is that plastic hanger that you get from the dry cleaners. Sometimes the dress stores even leave the paper body form in your dress.  There is nothing wrong with having any of the above in your dress but when you professional photographer arrives please swap it out and get yourself a picture worth hanger.

One of the latest trends in weddings is the use of personalized dress hangers. The possibilities are endless and can include a monogram hanger, some form of I Do verbiage, and some couples are taking it a step further and customizing the colors with their overall wedding color scheme.

CUSTOM maple wood hanger for wedding gown or coat- hand stamped with names or a phrase

Source: Paloma Nest

Bride's Personalized Wire Hanger

Source: Aressa

The Original Silver Lingerie, Wedding Dress Hanger

Source: Lila Frances

If you decide to go down the custom route, please make sure the hanger can hold your dress before the big day.  If the custom route is not for you, feel free to get a rich wooden hanger to dress up your wedding day attire.

ellyB Tips: Bathroom Baskets

Can you remember the last time you had a night out on the town and you forgot something? That one little annoying thing you were sure you had at the bottom of your purse such as a hair holder or mint?

Placing bathroom baskets in your common bathrooms, leaves your guests with the feeling that you have now included them in your big day and it is not all about the couple. You went an extra step to ensure that their needs were taken care of if an issue should arise.

Here are a list of items that you can include in your baskets (keep in mind most of the items can be purchased in the travel section of your favorite store for around .99 cents):

Double Sided Tape

Pain Reliever

Krazy Glue



Lint Roller

Shout Wipes

Tide-To-Go Stick


Hand Lotion

Spray Deodorant

Colgate Wisps (mini disposable toothbrushes)


A travel manicure set


Hair Ties (Girls Only)

Bobby Pins (Girls Only)

Safety Pins



Contact Solution

Eye Drops

Tampons (Girls Only)

Panty Liners (Girls Only)


Body Spray

Hair Spray

Hair Brush





Photo Source: Wedding Bee

What is your childhood favorite? Soda Pops

Time to get encouraged!  I encourage all of my readers to go ahead and make a list of their five favorite child hood items. Done? Now think of ways you can use one of the items at your next dinner party.  It does not have to be done in a large scale but I want you to think, if that item was special for you, how special it might be for your guests.  Maybe even as a fun ice breaker, send out  a short survey to your attendees asking them to list one item and have it set at their place setting.

We just love the way how soda pops can enhance an event.  Whether it is incorporating color, personality or flavor,  it is a great way to show your guests you went the extra mile and brought a unique element to the table.  We have seen them displayed during wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, the possibilities are endless.  Below are images of ways to add soda pops to your event.

Loving the way the pop was used as a float

Source: Eat Drink Chic

Love the idea of getting empty bottles and filling them with the treat of your choice. This could be candy, sea salt or even coffee beans


Source: Hapa Hale

Source: Rosie Monroe’s

Menu Chargers

Trying this blogging from my phone again. I just had to show off this wonderful DIY project from my May bride Sabrina. A few weeks ago I showed off Sabrina and Peter’s engagement session and I wanted to give some sneak peeks from their day as we get closer. Sabrina is a graphic artist and is making sure that no detail will be left out of her big day.

Although I will not reveal the overall table look, I just had to show off these menus that will be placed on the chargers. I just love how it looks like the menu is engraved in the actual charger.