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Last week the Pantone Color Institute announced the color for the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid! Clearly they have not seen the many fabulous wedding blog posts and publications for the past two years.

All shades and variations of purple that you can imagine have made their way into the hearts of many brides and grooms. Purple in all its essence of royalty, is exuberant, glamorous, mystifying, and elegant.

As often as many of our clients have added this gorgeous color to their color palette I am still in love with it. It can be combined with so many colors. Bright colors like yellow and orange. Deep shades like navy blue, fuchsia and of course the ever so faithful metallic colors, silver, gold and copper. No matter what season or time of day the warmth of this vibrant color can fill any event with absolute love.

Here are some purple inspiring wedding pictures:






Table decor and details






Keisha and Juron - place cardsal-wed-1304





Other details…..drinks, uplighting etc.

DSC09135Edit.jpgAtlanta Purple Wedding


Tables With Details

Happy Friday everyone, it’s almost the weekend! Check out our latest blog post by our ellyB Wedding and Event Designer, Pia!

“This year so far has brought us many creative ideas for table settings. Vibrant color palettes mixed with simple styles add a touch of excitement to any table at an event. Feathers and crystal-like decorations are also hot right now. What is it that makes these designs worthwhile? It’s all about the details this year! Whether it’s a shade of pink, a tropical plate setting, or even just the way the napkins are displayed along with the menu cards; they all make a statement of your event style.

The tropical hues, flower selections, straw place setting, and the zebra print designed boxes in the photo below, bring a playful yet elegant feel to a spring or summer party. Flowers can be used in the place of a ribbon or bow along with bamboo sticks to add an eccentric touch.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Robertson Photography

The yellow, aqua, and white color scheme below is so beautiful! The napkin is neatly folded over with a yellow ribbon and flower to hold it in place. The aqua rock crystals over the napkin add that extra color to the set up. published an amazing set up! Thumbs up!

Leaves and simple branches make a great substitute for flowers. As long as the color scheme is intact, the styles can vary. Our next table setting shows gold and white metallics. The mini frosted wine glasses alone are a great addition to the table. The gold candle holders and vases add the last touch to the color scheme. Remember, not everything has to be the same color or material.

Whether you have bright colors or pastels, your details make a great addition to your table. It can be small vases with flowers, feathers with glitter, or plate settings in multiple colors, your table represents your style and what you are bringing to, well, the table” : )

Brand your Wedding Day!

I am pretty sure when I keep saying brand your wedding day, half of my clients have no idea what I mean!  It is exactly what you see online on all of the fabulous wedding blogs out there.  Branding your wedding can mean several things but it definitely does not mean you have to have a wedding theme! Here is a list of ways you can brand your big day:

  • Monogram on various items throughout the big day starting with the paper goods.  Don’t go overboard with this though. We do not want to see that you are unoriginal and just didn’t know where to place it so it went everywhere.  Small tip – drop the date (if you decided to use one with it) and use that on your stationery, towels and other things after the big day
  • Pattern! Patterns are hot this year. Chevron especially, kind of reminds me of how hot damask was in 2008.  Pick a pattern that is not overused and will not fade in a year or two.  Go fabric stores and see what’s in right now.  Purchasing a bunch of remnants is a good way to take some home and decide. If you are wondering how you are going to get this on your printed items, chances are they might have the pattern on (search for seamless pattern, vector file)
  • Texture. This is one element that is often overlooked. Remember we are trying to evoke the five senses and touch is one of them! Use a different type of linen. How about a patterned linen with some 3D texture? Possibilities are endless!

I saw these images on the The Party Dress blog and I got so excited to see an event branded to perfection!  Check it out:

Now that you know you are actually branding your event and not playing a match game, tell us some creative ways you plan to brand the big day!?!?

Chandelier Tablescape

Nothing like chandeliers to brighten up an event as well as show elegance and sophistication.  We just love the look of varying shapes and sizes along this dinner table. In the picture below the chandeliers serve as the tablescape decor instead of the candles on the table.  The designer decided to bring the wow factor up creating a different experience for the guests in attendance.  It is a great mix of modern and traditional and creates that wow factor that your guests will be sure to talk about for a while.


Source: For the Love of Design

Inspiration Station: Candle Decor

Adding dim natural light to your event is a surefire way to get the intimate feel if that is the look you are going for. You are not stuck with the traditional votive look for your table decor. There are many option available to make the candle light apart of your decor. Here are some wonderful ideas from Wrapables:

Loving the bamboo votive holders. These can be used for your beach theme affair handing from large bamboo infused arrangements or even lining the your aisle.

Thinking of doing a holiday themed wedding? Already plan to give out ornaments as favors? Why not sprinkle these candles throughout the space to heighten the experience?

Loving these lantern candle holders!!!

These grass candles can be a great way to line the aisle as well. Don’t forget that you can use electric candles if you have fear that flame can cause a fire.

Source: Wrapables


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