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Fabulous Decor – Frosted Vases

For years frosted vases have been put back on the shelves, this may be the time to bring them back out.  Can you imagine the possibilities? You can add that pattern you have been using throughout all of the details. You can even just keep it simple and add your monogram.

Check out I Heart Organizing for the DIY instructions!

What do you think? Would you reconsider a frosted vase?

Test Tube Centerpieces

I know this title may have scared you!  I love the clean lines look of the florals in test tubes.  It can add a unique approach and element at your next event. Think about using them in areas where you would like to implement minimal decor such as on hi-boys and bar areas of your cocktail hour.  Take it a step further and place an arrangement in your guest bathrooms.  It will show that you thought about every area of the venue and you made sure everything was cohesive.

Test Tube Vase

Source: Our House South County